Professional Plan Presentation Materials (Binders and Tabs)

Portfolios are more than a method to hold important documents—they’re a physical reminder of your work and can reinforce your company’s reputation and continue its branding. WealthCounsel has partnered with In-A-Bind, Inc. to develop several colors, sizes, and portfolio titles to assist you in presenting plans to your clients.

With every portfolio you order, one set of tabs is included (view tab titles). Even better, the included index tabs correspond to Wealth Docx. The tabs go halfway down the page (half-cut), so if you need to add or subtract a tab, simply flip the subsequent tab over and it looks as if nothing is missing. You can find 64 individual tab titles to fit your trust plans (packaged 15 tabs each per set), which can be purchased separately.

When deciding on the appropriate portfolio size to order, it’s best to print out one plan and measure its thickness. Typically, about 100 sheets of paper is equivalent to each ½” of capacity. We recommend ordering the next size up from your measurement for a comfortable fit.

All products offered by In-A-Bind are customizable - you can include your firm logo and use your firm color for your binders and print the tab sets you prefer. Contact us to discuss customization or shipping questions.